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You can enjoy motion picture of the airliner* at this site.

*The cargo airplane which made a large passenger plane and a passenger plane a base temporarily is defined as “airliner” at this site. There are not a small aircraft of general aviation and a helicopter and a warplane fundamentally.

I recorded them by the video camcorder. Recorded airports are each place in Japan and a foreign country.
I am very much sticking to the camera work so that I can express the beauty of the airliner and force fully.
A recorded cut is managed systematically by the registration symbol by the database. Even the world is a rare motion picture database for the spotter.

Because the resolution of the record with a video camcorder is lower than a photograph, I think that there are many people who don’t think that it can use for the spotting.

However, I think that thought changes when the motion picture of my site is seen. It is useful for the spotting as well according to the camera work.

Furthermore, when a video camcorder is used for the record, “The Sound” which is the charm of the airliner can be recorded, too.

It is 1984 years that I began a airliner record.
After that, many video camcorders have been used. For example, they are Betamovie, video8, Hi8, ED CAM and miniDV.

SONY HDR-FX7 at Shimojishima airport

The high-definition television system (HDV) is introduced in 2006, and it arrives now.

YouTube channel opened!

The YouTube channel was opened in March, 2008. It is not only an airliner. Various vehicles, such as a railroad, a ships, and bus, are themes.

It became a popular channel gradually. It is the result of your support.

The “QuickTime Movie Database” finished service in January, 2012. Henceforth, the platform of the main motion picture is YouTube.

Airliners DVD

I took, edited the straightened material, and produced DVD. It can be bought in Amazon.com.

airliners museum1 airliner museum2 airliner museum3 Theater of the sky and airliners

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